VERSA Roof System is a waterproofing system with outstanding performance characteristics and a proven track record.

VERSA Roof System includes a 3.0mm thick fleece backed single ply membrane for use in the waterproofing of flat, pitched and curved roofs both in new build and refurbishment projects. 

VERSA FB30 membrane can be installed over various substrates -  plywood, OSB, concrete and faced insulation boards. 

VERSA prefabricated metal trims form the roof perimeter edge and overlap seams are securely sealed by hot air welding.

VERSA Roof System, correctly installed, can provide many years of trouble-free service with minimal roof maintenance required.

  1.         Life expectancy in excess of 30 years

  1.         Excellent durability and resistance to weathering

  1.         Hot air welded seams - the most secure seaming method

  1.         Fast installation

  1.         20 year guarantee

  1.         High puncture and tear resistance

  1.         Flame free installation

  1.         Quality manufactured in Germany

  1.         EN13956:2005 Flexible Sheets for Roof Waterproofing

  1.         CE Marking

  1.         Installation  by Authorised Installers

VERSA Roof System - single ply roofing

From a Scottish company

VERSA Roof System product and technical support can be swiftly delivered throughout Scotland (mainland and islands)

  1.     fast, efficient service

  2.     locally held stock

  3.     on-site technical support